Moment 4

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Laszlo Hanyecz. This is the name of a man who became a living legend. He was the first person to use Bitcoin for a commercial transaction. And what did he choose to buy? Pizza! He bought two pizza's for the total of 10,000 BTC. Today that amount is worth $475,731,000. The living legend regrets nothing.

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Clue 16 - Solved

Apocryphal Alice: The Blue King

After finding the garden of earthly delights, GITM releases the next Apocryphal text and illustration.

How it was solved

The community came together quickly deciphering the text and following the path through the painting as was done previously in clue 12.

We find the blue king!

With the release of Satoshi 5 we are presented with a few more symbols for consideration (see images). One of a crossbow which appears in the garden of earthly delights. One we are sure looks like a headdress worn by a number of characters in the painting. This headdress also appears hidden in the Pride of the Lotus card.

The Blue King of talks of finding the tree man. Our next quest it seems.

The tree man is found in the garden of earthly delights.

Unlock: The Next Clue, 18

Clue 17 - Solved

Rebel Rabbits: The Boon Block

GITM notifies the community that certain block numbers from the moment 4 sale of 1MB blocks will contain a boon.

How it was solved

@victorvenandi notices 2 of the block numbers in the list provided by GITM did not have a space between the hyphon and there number. Using these numbers and the block numbers directly below them in the list have him the coordinates that led us to an old abandoned whaling station on an island called South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Latitude: -54.1416
Longitude: -36.6886

GITM confirmed we were close. But where is the end?
Victor using his eagle eye, found an omega symbol atop the roof of a dilapidated building of the whaling station at the coordinates.

“Look closer and you will see it.

“I am the beginning and the end.”” – GITM code

Unlock: Digital Alchemy

Clue 18 - Solved

Alice's Allegory: His Oddness

The hunt for the Golden Rabbit is on.
First we are to find his Oddness.. but the golden rabbit and the 1 Bitcoin prize are not far away.

The continuation of the Apocryphal Alice clues culminated with another offering of texts and keycards. We had 42 total keycards to utilise, we were told we must find his Oddness. The texts reference many characters in the Hieronymous Bosch triptych, and painted a journey for us through the garden of earthly delights.

How was it solved

First, the names of the keycards needed to be deciphered to find the correct characters to which they were referencing in the triptych.

Then we needed to overlay the keycards onto the Garden of earthly delights. The theory of the methodology is that the arrow of the keycard lands on the nose of the character connected and referenced by the keycard name. Example, frog starts on the X of the blue king keycard and the arrow lands on the nose of the frog. Indeed we were to play the nose game.

The X marked the start of the next keycard used.

For the first keycard blue king we ran from the nose of the pig from the previous encounter. The X denoted the start point of the next keycard, the frog keycard.

The keycards that were to be used were found in the map, which was released to the community as an awesome NFT.

The order of the keycards was determined by the characters encountered in the Apocryphal Alice texts provided by GITM.

After the keycards were correctly super imposed, we could overlay the rabbit in the stars. Lepus.

The texts told of the rabbit rolling over, this meant the Lepus constellation had to be flipped to the other side of the triptych, revealing his Oddness at the top of the left ear.

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