Moment 5

Mt. Gox Creation

Originally conceived as "Magic: The Gathering Online eXchange", Mt. Gox was founded by the programmer Jed McCaleb to be a simple online tool for fantasy game players to exchange digital trading cards. Its connection to the emergence of BTC was based upon a mere whim. At its zenith Mt. Gox would become the home to 70% of the world's BTC transactions. It also became the home of the purported theft of $460 million worth of bitcoin.

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Clue 19 - Solved

The Quest for The Keyholder

Lucky selectees and those who found his Oddness are entered into a room with GITM for the next clues to be divulged.

The chosen 21 are: @Wufoz, @zorenx_official, @Ozy21, @Mynima, @Marcus_Aur3lius, @Cangui, @mannymoe, @Zh3ntr0, @llgarcll, @chigityk, @Crypt0_Chris, @alterdk, @sacionca, @BigMonkeyCrypto, @VictorVenandi, @Terminalflips, @AnthroAJ, @Turkish670, @queuerantine, @ktlorrie, @commadorstabb.

How it was solved

GITM unleashes a torrent of clues in the form of Apocryphal Alice in Wonderland texts that tell of another journey through The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. These words paved the direction towards a character called “The Key Holder” that the Chosen 21 must find.

The race is on as only the first 5 participants to guess correctly will make it to the next stage of the competition.

In an intense race of Hunters attempting to interpret the texts and assign the correct strange characters of the garden to the characters described in the text, “The Key Holder” was found.

The 5 fastest hunters in BTCO are; @victorvenandi, @ozy2, @Chigityk, @mynima, @Marcus_Aur3lius.

Amazing job Hunters!

Unlock: The next stage where the fastest 5 get the opportunity to find the Golden Rabbit and win 1 BTC.

Clue 20 - Solved

Finding the Golden Rabbit

The 5 finalists @mynima, @victorvenandi, @chigityk, @ozy21 and @Marcus_Aur3lius were left in the chat group to receive the final Apocryphal text to complete the journey around The Garden of Earthly Delights in search of the Golden Rabbit.

A race ensued, the first to find the Golden Rabbit wins the ultimate prize of 1 BTC!

How it was solved

GITM provided the final text to the 5 finalists along with a final keycard that has not been released in NFT format.

The words gifted hinted at where to overlay the keycard upon The Garden of Earthly Delights.

@mynima was the first to guess correctly! The Golden Rabbit was found! Thus our escape from the Garden was complete!

Poetically, @mynima was the one to discover The Garden of Earthly Delights, and also the one to help us all escape the Garden!

In a heart warming display of honour, @mynima decided to share the 1 BTC prize with the 5 finalists. All 5 finalists @mynima, @victorvenandi, @chigityk, @ozy21 and @Marcus_Aur3lius had made it known that they would have been making the same decision to share!

These 5 are a beacon of hope, and a fine example of the morals and ethics that this community admires, promotes and rewards.

Congratulations to the final 5! You are revered.

Congratulations to all those who took part and contributed to the hunt! You are awesome!

Catch up with @mynima’s full journey to the 1 BTC prize in his 3 part published articles!

The Hunt for the Golden Rabbit and 1 BTC Reward: Stage 1

The Hunt for the Golden Rabbit and 1 BTC Reward: Stage 2

The Hunt for the Golden Rabbit and 1 BTC Reward: Stage 3………..1 BTC won!

Unlock: 1 BTC

Clue 21 - Solved

The Hunt for The Silk Road

GITM unleashes a quadruple drop of clues.. The Uprising has now changed to The Looking Glass.

How it was solved

“(1) Fortified by Tivoli’s stone, seek the Rabbit Tail fortress. It can be found at the phrygid spring in the land of the golden king.”

Pamukkale was the location found. A hot spring located in modern day Turkey, Denizli Province, known in ancient times as Phrygia. Midas was the king of Phrygia. Pamukkale‘s terraces are made of Travertine. The word ‘Travertine‘ is derived from the Italian travertino, itself a derivation of the Latin tiburtinus ‘of Tibur’. Its namesake is also the origin of Tivoli, a district near Rome. Thus, Tivoli‘s stone. Pamukkale means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish.

With a further clue from GITM:

“You have found the rabbit tail fortress. Now, you need the scope for freedom of action or thought.”
The Hunters were able to deduce “the scope for freedom of action or thought” was a crossword clue, it’s top answer being “Latitude”. It was the latitude of the location that was required.
= 37

“(2) 145.5°, 77.9, 28.4. Hued, hexed, and halved. Should you solve this clue, you will have found the prime in the sequence you seek.”

These numbers pertained to a colour, of which it’s hex code was #108140. Halved it is #54070. The 54070th prime number is;
= 666,667.

“(3) The WASP looks to the stars, every week for a year. What does it find? You must give me its Capital.”

WASP is a combination of robotic cameras around the world that locates exoplanets. WASP-52 refers to the 52 weeks of the year and is the star discovered by the array. The star was named Anadolu, which translates from Turkish as Anatolia. The capital of Anatolia is Ankara. Ankara‘s longitude was what was required, which is;
= 32

“(4) Now, imagine you travel in the sky from the city of Constantine. You must Go Beyond to the Eternal Sabah and the Big Durian. Your paths will be numbered.”

The city of Constantine refers to Constantinople, modern day Istanbul, which was named after the Roman emperor Constantine.

“Go Beyond” had capital letters used within the clue given by GITM, which gave the Hunters the idea that it may be a company name or a slogan. It was a slogan of Turkish airlines that used two specific numbers for their flights.
Flight TK828 from Istanbul (city of Constantine) to Beirut Lebanon (Eternal Sabah), and flight TK54 from Istanbul to Singapore (The Big Durian).
= combined TK828 with TK54
= 82854

“To begin, I require you to show me the hands of Judas.”

Combining the 4 puzzles above gave the Hunters coordinates.

Latitude: 37.666667
Longitude: 32.82854

This led the hunters to Çatalhöyük where “The Hands of Judas” were located inside on the walls.

Unlock: Moment 6

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