Moment 6

The Silk Road

The Silk Road was created to be a free market in 2011 by the now infamous Libertarian Ross Ulbricht, aka Dread Pirate Roberts. The notorious Silk Road operated solely on the dark web, accessed privately through Tor. With bitcoin being used as the main currency for transactions, the anonymity it provided opened The Silk Road to become a conduit for the trading of illicit merchandise, and a home for organized crime. A clear proof of concept for bitcoin, but at what cost?

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Clue 22 - Unsolved

The Voynich Manuscript: Symbols and Script

It was as has been stated many times… In the cards..

Where we’re at

Symbols appeared.. First noticed in the fireplace at the end of the “Trip Through the Garden” NFT.

@Wufoz noticed the connection back in Moment 4!

After a sabbatical and the connection had been realised, the Hunters started matching writing and symbols found in the cards to writing and symbols found in The Voynich Manuscript.

Rattus Norvegicus” containes a small symbol of 3 faces on the ceiling to the right of center that matches a symbol on the foldout on page 68 of The Voynich Manuscript. This symbol can also be found on a pizza slice in the “Chapter 1 Tapestry“.

The “Chapter 1 Tapestry” also houses the plant leaf symbol known as the “not a bubble” symbol on a bubble. This was matched to a leaf on page number 30 of the Voynich Manuscript. This leaf symbol can also be found on the clouds in the M6 Glitch Card.

So far this is some of what we have, but where do we go next?

“Very soon, the search for the Golden Rabbit will take on a new “dimension:” one that will be reflected in the Looking Glass. As always, your answers are in the cards.” – GITM code

The Hunt Continues…

Clue 23 - Solved

Cypher: Hammurabi

GITM speaks…

“Ahdqykwp.npvqrilrupyeqrilruevsuj, zfusnvud.rilruevzqdivihpattdyvnjvl
This may be unlocked by an ancient code.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The key first lay near the misbegotten palace of the Mad King.
Look for the middle of the rivers, between swift and copper.
What you seek is now lost in the passing of time.
Thus begins the search for “Satoshi 7.” Good luck.”
– GITM code

How was it solved

@Chigityk managed to find the key to the cypher. The ancient code used to unlock this clue was a vigenere cypher. Using the key HAMMURABI. This fits the nine underscores given in the clue by GITM.

This gave us:
Latitude: 32.543426
Longitude: 44.420839

This takes us to directly to a google street view overlooking the palace of Nebuchadnezzar the purported “Mad King” of Babylon.

GITM has given the Hunters the sign of the unlock for this puzzle leading us to believe this is complete..

“As before, the solution may be arrived at by diligence, by virtue of chance, alone or in collaboration with others. You are all close to understanding the path of the next journey in Alice’s travels.” – GITM code

Clue 24 - Solved

Saunière's Scavenger Hunt

GITM denotes a time and a place. The place was Rennes le Chȃteau. The Hunters are to locate and screenshot all provided clues. The clues were..

Chapeau at the Maison D’Elise

The Zodiac Dial

The lustful demon at prayer

Sauniere’s Library Tower

The cockerel on bitch street

“This place is terrible”

The Doorway Gallery

Sign of a bathing lady

Hook Wheel

The Wall of Tools

The Rennes gate transport

Water, tower

Bonus Hunter Image: “Et in Arcadia Ego”

How it was Solved

The Hunters sent their findings to GITM’s provided e-mail. 9 Hunters successfully completed this with more than 6 correct answers. One lucky Hunter was selected at random from these attentive trackers to receive a gift.

Numerous secrets hide within the walls and streets of Rennes-le-Chateau. Their significance may yet provide a clue to the nature of your current journey. – GITM Code

Unlock: A unique 1/1 NFT named “Alice’s Prodigy

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