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Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine was cofounded by Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Buterin in late 2011 early 2012. It was the first magazine dedicated to cryptocurrency. Vitalik at 17 years old was a gifted writer and a mathematical prodigy. The pair would later go on to cofound Etherium in 2017. As Bitcoin Magazine began to evolve, it gained traction among the early adopters and the new mainstream alike.

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Clue 25 - Solved

Hidden Words of the Kumiho

GITM alludes to the burning of the Chapter 1 Tapestry cards that were in quite high supply. Naturally the community took it upon themselves to see to it that an inferno was set ablaze with no promise of recompense.

Over 10% were burned and GITM was satisfied. One member of the community had been leading the charge with the burn since before this perticular mystery. @ShaneX was selected and gifted a 1/1 card called Kumiho Through The Looking Glass.

How it was solved

The theory had been proposed that 12 words were being referenced to by the clock coin in the NFT and could lead to a bitcoin wallet.

@Naturelice began finding words in the card.. This revealed 11 words.. @ShaneX was given the 12th word by GITM, the missing word the seed phrase for a bitcoin wallet containing 0.1BTC. He selflessly chose to share the information with the community, allowing the prize to be found and the wallet to be unlocked. The community honourably shared the prize amongst those who participated in solving the Kumiho Mystery.

“As always, there is value to be found throughout this project, and this will continue for it’s duration. I am pleased once again to hear of your collaborative approach.” – GITM code

Unlock: 0.1BTC

Clue 26 - Solved


GITM supplies the Hunters with two images and words in the form of clues…

The clue for the first image was;
“This image is flat and boring.
Therefore, show it to me with greater depth. Demonstrate its tie to a number with which you have become all-too familiar.”

Then a Cypher;

Then for the second image;
“It’s day has come”

How it was solved

The Magic Square in the first image had all numbers equating to 33.

A Magic Cube would create more depth and equate to the familiar number 42.

The Hunters utilised the second image to decipher the Cypher.

The Trifid Cypher was utilised to create the sentence “AN_HOMAGE_TO_EMPTY_BEHAVIOR__VERY_UNDEFINING_GIFT”.

The next step was an anagram solved by @wufo#5315, leading us back to the very beginning of the Hunt to GITM’s words…

“I gave you a path to find me from the very beginning” – GITM code

Unlock: Satoshi 8

Clue 27 - Solved

Sleepy 7

GITM drops a trail of 7 clues for The Hunters, with 7 people to be found..

How it was solved

The Hunters assembled and went at it piecing the clues together to unearth the 7 names and their connection to Sleepy Hollow Cemetary where they had been interred.

Florence Nightingale Graham (Elizabeth Arden) (1878 – 1966) founder of modern nursing.
Leo Baekeland (1863–1944) the father of plastics; inventor of Bakelite and Velox paper. The murder of his grandson’s wife Barbara by his great-grandson, Tony, is told in the book Savage Grace.
Edgar Evertson Saltus (October 8, 1855 – July 31, 1921) was an American writer, both brothers are buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.
Andrew Carnegie (1835–1919) businessman and philanthropist
Charles Sheeler (1883–1965) painter and photographer, and his wife Musya (1908–1981), photographer, are buried together.
Walter Chrysler (1875–1940) businessman, commissioned the Chrysler Building and founded the Chrysler Corporation.
Washington Irving (1783–1859) author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle”

xCrypto#3764 curated the proposal containing the solve contributed to by The Hunters. Most notable contributors being;

Pr0dygy – Nate#0130

“Many of these men and women didn’t just see what is, but they also could see what is not. And perhaps what could or perhaps could not be. Using their power and wealth to positively affect the world.
They were and are people who looked through the looking glass.”
– GITM code

Unlock: Clue 28

Clue 28 - Solved

Hunt For The Stone Wall Tree

GITM divulges 9 locations to be found… The Hunt is on!

1 – At your starting point before you join the trail… find the New York Skyline for Harry from the Queen of Mean.

2 – Find the Robber Baron Gould’s gothic homestead.

3 – Find Yonkers Center for PALS.

4 – Find the covered overpass at “242.”

5 – Find the Autumn Rook close to Zan the Magnificent.

6 – Find “110, 110, 110” that lies somewhere underground.

7 – Find “895, 897, 899.” Equal to the night..

8 – Find a temple to justice, built on New York’s famous graft and corruption.

9 – Finally, take a detour onto a path of Liberty to pay your respects. Think on the meaning of the pyrus survivor before returning to the trail and following it to Hamilton’s end. Once there, you must also show the sign of the stone wall tree.

How it was solved

xCrypto#3764 curated a document containing the finds of The Hunters.

1. The NY skyline on the back of the Helmsley Monument found by xCrypto#3764.

2. The Robber Baron Gould’s gothic homestead was the Lyndhurst Mansion found by Pr0dygy – Nate#0130.

3. Yonkers Center for PALS was found by luisida#6685.

4. The covered overpass at “242” found by xCrypto#3764.

5. John J. Audubon , the prolific ornithologist for whom Audubon Society is named, is buried in Trinity Church Cemetery at the address of Zan the Magnificent Handyman. The Autumn Rook close to Zan the Magnificent was found as the rook upon the grave denoting the month of Autumn’s beginning, found by Rebel Rebel MoLarry#1013.

6. “110, 110, 110” that lies somewhere underground was found at 110th Street station found by SephGrave#0420.

7. Equinox is when daytime hours are equal to the night time hours. Therefore “895, 897, 899.” Equal to the night was found by xCrypto#3764.

8. Tammany Hall, a temple to justice, built on New York’s famous graft and corruption was found at 44 Union Square by SephGrave#0420.

9. Taking a detour onto a path of Liberty to pay our respects. The Hunters thought on the meaning of the Pyrus Survivor before returning to the trail and following it to Hamilton’s end. Once there, the sign of the stone wall tree was an anagram: stone wall tree = One Wall Street, found by xCrypto#3764.

“What if the Looking Glass is a portal to other worlds and unnamed dimensions? What if it is the new Library of Alexandria, containing the sum total of all human knowledge?

The Looking Glass is – and always has been – your mobile device.

Use it wisely, always. Enter at your peril.” – GITM code

Unlock: Clue 30

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