Moment 8


Bitcoin's introduction into the global financial markets reaches Parity. 2011 saw bitcoin's value match, then surpass many major currencies around the world, including Gold. Bitcoin's future hangs in the balance however as those in power try to pull it from it's metaphorical ledge, whilst others watch, waiting to see which way opportunity lies.

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Clue 29 - Unconfirmed

Hathor's Message

A card is released to those that were willing and able to see through the mysterious clues left by GITM, and find the years that correlated to the specific block numbers of the Moment 8 release. The boon gifted was that of the Hathor card.

How it was solved

The boon card contained four parts to a QR code. Rebel BarryMaclary#4885 almost instantly pieced this together, revealing the hidden words…

“Yes, I am watching.” – GITM code

Unlock: ?

Clue 30 - Unsolved


GITM directs The Hunters to find him/her/them/it on instagram, a message awaits…

“you must take this first step: a knight’s move – East two and South one. Then search the nearby dungeon But you must go back to when twelve children and their mentor, lost in darkness, were found again.”

Where we’re at

xCrypto#3764 finds an article that relates to the twelve children and their mentor.

The Hunters began at the last step of our journey in Clue 28 at One Wall Street. Travelling 2 blocks East and 1 South ChigityK#0042 brought The Hunters to Broad Street Station.

Hughzy#6928 suggested changing the timeline to show the time synchronous to when the 12 children were found from the clue, this revealed the entrance to Broad Street Station on Google maps.

Using the AR filter from the instagram link gifted by GITM above, The Hunters used their phones pointing it at the location on Google Street View. The Hunters had uncovered a Kraken telling them to take the sinister path as the way was blocked. The application then showed what seemed to be buildings that were being looked up at from the ground. They needed to be matched.

Hughzy#6928 found the next location on Nassau Street revealing coordinates on the AR. Those coordinates led to the outside of an apartment window. Taking a tour inside the apartment The Hunters came accross a chair with a black crow upon it. Hughzy#6928 strikes again finding another AR event. This time the M4 Key Moment card is displayed with writing about that fearless nosebonking girl and how she is with a friend in her usual spot. The AR becomes the symbol of a bank of somekind..

ChigityK#0042 finds the fearless girl statue looking directly at the New York Stock Exchange.

“Behind this Judas Vault lies a treasure untold. Find the vault and you will see”

The Hunt Continues…

Next Clue - Unknown

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