Solve the puzzle of the golden rabbit to uncover the final treasure: 1 BTC.

  • Moment 1

    Whitepaper Creation

    After some time writing code in anonymity, the mysterious “Satoshi Nakamoto” (most likely a pseudonym) released a white paper on October 31st, 2008, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” This was the precursor to Satoshi’s release of Bitcoin and paved the way for the future of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain industry.

    Clues Solved 93%

  • Moment 2

    The Genesis Block

    The Genesis Block - also known as Block 0 - was the first Bitcoin block ever mined by its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Its creation is regarded as a pivotal moment in the foundation of the blockchain, since it was the fundamental prototype from which all subsequent blocks were modeled.

    Clues Solved 71%

  • Moment 3

    The First Transaction

    On January 12th, 2009, the first ever exchange of Bitcoin is made between Bitcoin’s eponymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, and computer scientist Hal Finney. This singular,momentous transaction proves the emerging technology and paves the way for the very concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

    Clues Solved 62%

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