Moment 3

The First Transaction

On January 12th, 2009, the first ever exchange of Bitcoin is made between Bitcoin’s eponymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, and computer scientist Hal Finney. This singular, momentous transaction proves the emerging technology and paves the way for the very concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Clue 12 - Solved

Apocryphal Alice: The Secret Garden

GITM has given us clues in the form of texts and illustrations from Alice through the looking glass, or so it seemed. Upon closer inspection of course the text is nowhere to be found in the original and the illustrations are similar but with hidden secrets.

How it was solved?

Analysis of the illustration reveals that the symbol found in the roses is the same symbol found on the Satoshi cards, and found behind the golden doors on the Anonymous “Propagation” card.

The bird is the kingfisher found on the “Alcyone” card.

The symbol and the Kingfisher Halcyon bird are not found in the original illustration.

The text itself tells of a game to bonk people on the nose to find out a true answer, but only if the ones bonked on the nose are playing the game also. Alice is trying to find the golden rabbit. By bonking a pig on the nose, she finds that speaking to the blue king is the only way to get answers.

The community began *bonking* noses in the BTCO telegram chat in an attempt to find answers.

@Mynima makes a breakthrough. He produces a document worthy of entry into the manuscript! His document detailed his suspicions of a connection of the apocryphal Alice text and a painting created by Hieronymous Bosch called “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. Of course his suspicion was correct.

Inside the masterpiece we were able to follow the text provided by GITM as a story with a pathway complimented by the masterpiece as an illustration.

Many discoveries were made pertaining to the hunt cards released thus far. Symbols and figures are all to be found within “The Garden of Earthly Delights“. (See images)

The pathway through the painting led us to the kissing pig! Identifying the garden and following the path released the next section of our quest.

 “Alcyone remains calm as she holds her Bitcoin. Her feathers are never ruffled by troubled waters. She remains steady.” – GITM code

Unlock: The next clue in this clue trail (Clue: 16)

Clue 13 - Solved

Apocryphal Alice: Rabbit in the moon

GITM sends another apocryphal text of the Alice variety.

How was it solved

To work this out @Barrymaclary and @Cryptoad1 went at it.

“Walk forward until you have inscribed the letter L”
That’s 50 in roman numerals
“That will get you to the point”
So it starts with 50.
“You must look for the rabbit in the moon. You must go to him and bonk him on the nose, and then return here. The trick is always to catch him when he is farthest away from where you are now. Rabbits can be very tricky, you see.”
This means to the moon and back when its furthest away.
Moon apogee is 406512km in 2021,
so double that
813024 = distance to moon and back
Latitude = 50.813

“Void” said the cat “And after that, Chai. Then, twenty-two ten to the ternary.”
“All you must do is add onto the end the number of layers in the universe.”

If you convert 2210 from base 3 (ternary) to base 10 you get 75
and 7 is the number of layers of the universe
Void = 0.
Chai number =18
2210 base 3 = 75 base 10 (decimal)
7 is the number of layers of the universe
Longitude = 0.18757

Latitude: 50.813
Longitude: 0.18757
Takes us to the long man of Wilmington.

“And above all, open your eyes to the journey. Do not blind yourself by focusing solely on the destination. You will miss the foliate faces if you never look out of the window.”– GITM code

Unlock: Satoshi 4 Hunt Card Form

Clue 14 - Solved

Origins: Where was Jupiter?

GITM drops a riddle.

“The twins, Violet and Blue have danced their dance since the day they were born. But today, Blue lags behind while Violet plays with the fish.”

“Most of the others have gone to fetch water. All except for Red.”

“On the day our journey began, it was Blue and Green who played with the fish, while Violet went with Brown to fetch water. Grey had wandered away, needing a moment to balance himself.”

“If only I could remember who Orange had gone to visit.”

How it was solved

Marc was confirmed as having all of these details correct.
“Okay so I had the idea of looking at Celestial Bodies and what colours they’re represented by.

Click here for the reference document used.

So each planet is represented by a colour. (See image)

According to my research, Jupiter is represented by the colour Orange. The question then is who did Orange (Jupiter) go to visit.
The references to Fish (Pisces), Water (Aquarius) and Balance (Libra) are where the constellations come in to play. Many of these planets appear to move through the constellations in their orbit.”
– Marc

Using Marc’s work as a key the Hunters were able to interpret the text, finding a date and Jupiter’s location.

@Zate01 came to the conclusion rapidly.

Honourable mentions go to @JPPais, @nfratz, @Marcus_Aur3lius, and @VictorVenandi for all their efforts.

Bitcoin’s first transaction, January 12th 2009.

GITM confirms the answer.
“Violet (Neptune) and Brown (Mercury) were in Aquarius on the day of Bitcoin’s creation. And so, therefore, was Jupiter (Orange).”

“As the world changes and markets fluctuate, remember your goals and your principles. If you cannot believe your good luck, or if you cannot believe your bad luck, your instincts are correct: do not believe in luck. Believe in yourself.”– GITM code

Unlock: A new countdown: Moment 4

Clue 15 - Solved


GITM unleashes a new NFT called “We are the Uprising” upon the holder of the mint #101 “Heliotrope” Keycard!

GITM speaks:

“In the meantime, I recognise @barrymaclary as the first of you to assume this persona.

Collectively, you represent the Uprising. All of you.

This movement transcends Bitcoin Origins. This symbol and this statement represents Bitcoin and the entire crypto movement as we fight for this new decentralised world.

Spread this message to all the communities you interact with, as they are a part of the Uprising too.” – GITM code

The community start customising the rabbit NFT gifted by GITM. GITM also customizes a rabbit of his own.. The Golden Rabbit.


The movement has begun..

It is no accident you are here reading this..

Destiny has you..

Choose your mask wisely..

Put it on..

You will see..

Join the Decentralised Future..


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