Moment 1

Whitepaper Creation

After some time writing code in anonymity, the mysterious “Satoshi Nakamoto” (most likely a pseudonym) released a white paper on October 31st, 2008, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” This was the precursor to Satoshi’s release of Bitcoin and paved the way for the future of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain industry.

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Clue 1 - Unsolved

The search for Satoshi: GITMcode

Once upon a time, in a telegram group far far away… (The bitcoin origins official chat) there was a person named “Satoshi Nakamoto” (the chosen one). He spoke rarely, but when he did, words of wisdom flowed. One day he told us it would be his final message, and he disappeared… “GITM code” surfaced in a new telegram channel called The Uprising. GITM sends us messages and clues for the hunt. GITM could be “Satoshi Nakamoto” (The Chosen One), as far as we know… But this remains unconfirmed.

Where we’re at?

The hunt for GITM is on. He wants us to find him. We as a community are under the impression that GITM stands for “Ghost In The Machine”. This of course is only our best assumed guess, and remains unconfirmed.

The Hunt Continues…

Clue 2 - Solved

Follow the Rabbit: Masquerade

Masquerade, a word often spoken by GITM. Gliding over the obvious connotations of the word we find a book written by a man named Kit Williams. Kit Williams wrote an armchair treasure hunt book called Masquerade which took a community of treasure hunters on a journey that culminated in the finding of a golden hare. A prize worth a substantial amount of money. The parallels between this book and the hunt are apparent. The book also contained works of art that had clues hidden within.

Perhaps some of the puzzles contained within the Masquerade book could help with this hunt? Or at least give a better understanding. Masquerade is also a card-game-that-plays-like-a-board-game by Japanese designer Satoshi Nakamura. Masquerade is also a pantomime company in Malta performing Alice in Wonderland. Many references have been made to Alice in wonderland for perhaps deeper reasons than the obvious…. The word conjunctivitis was a clue from GITM in The Uprising telgram channel.

How it was solved

Masquerade led to the knowledge that GITM is the Rabbit that we are to follow. Conjunctivitis led us to finding a pink eye on the Bitcoin Origins website, clicking this eye gave us access to the Satoshi1 form.

“I am the rabbit. Work together – it is the only way to find me.” – GITM code.

Unlock: Satoshi 1 Hunt card form.

Clue 3 - Solved

Athena’s Home: The Red Knight

We are given clues that have led us to a location. The location of the Red Knight located on a shop/bar in Athens Greece. GITM expanded on this location leading us to the Parthenon of the Acropolis of Athens. With it’s financial history of being a treasury amongst other uses, it holds great significance to this hunt.

How was it solved?

Gitm gives this clue

The Beast is divided by the American Age of Consent. → 962809
The answer was 666/18 = 37

Nash’s number – for those who follow Discord. ← 718148
John Forbes Nash Jr was famously obsessed with the number 23, which was our answer.

This gave us the coordinates.

Latitude: 37.962809 Longitude: 23.718148

This led us to a shop/bar, with GITM guiding us. Crypto Keeper found the Red Knight! The shop/bar cava chevalier directly translated to the Red Knight.

“All I ask is that you work together. The perception of this village, this community, brings value.” – GITM code

Unlock: Distribution of Satoshi 1 Hunt Card and Countdown for Moment 1 Sale.

Clue 4 - Solved

Augustus ascended: The Red knight’s castle

We are given only the eyes of what looks like a statue.

How was it solved?

The Statue was of Octavian, aka Gaius Octavius aka Augustus Caesar. The Statue is located in the Braccio Nuovo of the Vatican Museums. GITM Shares this puzzle, the community quickly deciphers the code and assigns numbers to the equation.

(Augustus ascended [-27]) . (Sutoku ascended [1123]) x (smallest 2-digit prime [11]) x (eternity rotated [8]) x (are BTC originators our w’s? [6])

(Poland’s code is negative [-48]) . (MMCCCXCIX [2399]) x (number of surrender [19]) x (the gods of olympus [12])

Giving us Latitude: -27.592944, Longitude: -48.546972

We are told to follow the Rabbit to the Red knight’s castle! The coordinates point to CORPO DE BOMBEIROS MILITAR found by Crypto Keeper in Brazil. It is a red fire station shaped like a castle. It is assumed The Red Knight spoken of is a firefighter, and his castle is this fire station.

(Note: Poland’s code card was used to give us one number in the equation. That number was the dialling code +48, as Poland’s Code was Negative it was -48 giving us an important number for the co-ordinates. The cards can be used in a variety of ways.)

(Also note: “Are BTC originators our w’s?” This clue in the equation was number 6. This was because we had previously been tasked to find a number of W’s within the Death Card. 6 W’s were found. Does this point to the fact that there were perhaps 6 W’s that were the originators of Bitcoin?)

“The journey rewards us all. But the one who finds me – the one who solves the clues and locates the identity of the rabbit – will be greatly rewarded. Because I want you to find me, and thus find your own purpose and the purpose of this endeavour.” – GITM code

Unlock: Satoshi 2 Hunt Card.

Clue 5 - Solved

12 Words

This was actually the first clue ever given. It did not become clear or solved until the release of the moment 1 Glitch cards. We are to search for 12 colour coded words.

How was it solved?

The 12 words were found on the back of the 12 sets of the moment 1 Glitch cards named in binary.

The 12 words are: We Have Proposed a System For Electronic Transactions Without Relying On Trust.”

This was confirmed by GITM. The observation is made that “We” is stated in these words, pointing to Satoshi being more than one person.

The binary names of the Glitch cards for each set, remain a mystery…

“Mistakes are always made. But it is important to fix them. Had I not fixed mine, this endeavour would have been devalued. Pay attention.” – GITM code

Unlock: Poland’s Code Hunt Card

Clue 6 - Solved

The Moment 2 Unlock

We have been given 3 images of symbols. We assumed we were to find and decode them somehow. We have no instructions.

The community is transferred NFT’s with 9 different symbols emblazoned upon them. They each have different names and in the description the format “asset_transfer-01 [clue] via GITM” is assigned respectively denoting their number. The grid provided in the first 3 images related to the pigpen Cypher aka Masonic Cypher. It was prepopulated with symbol #8 “void” at the centre of the grid. We assumed that we must find where the symbols fall within the grid.

How was it solved?

The symbols were all crop circle patterns that exist in the real world. Utilising, we were able to locate all of them. Some to the exact field, some to the town.

Date order, with location (see image). The symbol #8 “void” was placed at the centre of the grid, so this was our starting point. Going by the assumption that we must fill the grid in the correct order, there were multiple answers that could be achieved. We were gifted a boon by GITM.

We were given the equation: (74909477) x (grid) What is the relevance of the number 74909477? What is the grid’s number? (See image for maths)

GITM confirms the order of the grid, but with an added question.. The question being, where are they?

Populating the grid with the crop circle diagrams from and super imposing the locations over the grid was enough to unlock moment 2. The first letter of every location used in the order of the grid spelled SACRIFICE (see image).

Special mention must be made to the man who devoted his life to the study of crop circles and creator of the incredible resource for all information gathered in this clue trail at That man being Bertold Zugelder. He has our respect and gratitude.

“I have hidden exactly one bitcoin inside this puzzle. You must work together to find it, and to discover my true identity. Good luck. That is your golden rabbit. Masquerade.” – GITM code

Unlock: Moment 2

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